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Lovely Baseball Hat Hairstyles 69 With Additional Home Decor Arrangement Ideas by Baseball Hat Hairstyles

congratulations sam not firedno of course notwe all make mistakes expensive what a daywell guys I hope you enjoyed this videoif you would prefer to see more videoslike this please provides it a thumbs up andsubscribe to the channel so you won'tmiss any new videos we transfer new videosevery single day good-bye bye Raquel Ifinally end with your eyelashes doyou want to ascertain American state in factlet American state look here here's the mirror rightover there oMG i very like my eyelashes Ieven looked higher than Barbie I Pine Tree Statean myeyelashes square Maineasure even as nice as Barbies ofcourse well anyway i'll be back in twoweeks for a angular distanceircut okay R upon Z nicejust let me apprehend when you're readyactually Rapunzel do you angular distanceve time toblow-dry my hairactually i do not I actually have Barbie coming backnext she desires me to try and do her herhighlights or something like thatI'm therefore thusrry maybe next time American state thusBarbie's coming nextyes well therein case i'm gonna say justsay hello you grasp we're besties rightoh that is very nice Raquel if you needyou will take a seat Ohio but after all Ihave one thing nice arrange hi Rapunzel hiBarbie welcome did you cut your hairRapunzel actually I did it absolutely was obtainingin the means of everything well i think itlooks rattling many give thankssyour hair is so healthy thank you myhair is wanting like a mess i want youto do some highlights and that i conjointly need atreatmentoh of course Barbie however i actually wantedto look naturaldon't worry Barbie I actually have the perfectcolor for you okay Barbieoh hi Raquel however are you i am wonderfuldo you wish my new eyelashes Ohio Raquelthey look very nice yes I knowso what are you gonna get done these days OHnothing really just a few highlights Ijust want to form my hair look a bitbit nicer yea keeping it natural greatwell i am gonna go shopping at the mallso i can catch you guys later bye Raquelbye Raquel adieu woman ha ha ha ha let'ssee how Barbie's hair will prove withmy help i am a genius well take a seatBarbie ok thanks here is that the color Ihave everything able to does onerhighlights um do you think I can havesome water Buckeye State of courselet me just set this down here for aminute and that i'll go get you some waterBarbie and I think it'd be a greatidea to add a touch surprise toBarbie's new hair color a little bit ofthis and i'm certain if Barbie won't freakout i am too sensible not ready to doBarbie's hair it's a beautiful day outside Barbie Iknow rightI think after I leave the salon I'mgonna go for a swim however let's begin Ihave the foil within the color Barbie yourhair is gonna look so lovely thankyou you are the most effective at doing hairRapunzel many thanks Barbie once youleave the salon everybody will bewanting the artisan you if youalways start the new trends well this isthe last oil all we've to try to to is wait afew minutes and we'll rinse thingsRapunzel with reference to fifteen to 20 minutesokay great i will wait i can't wait to seeBarbies face once she sees ithey Barbie time's uplet's rinse your hair and see theamazing color things Rapunzel come onlet's just begin removing the foil Iwanna take a piece to make certain thatthey're all done hey baby you prefer abeautiful life Buckeye State my goodness Ohio why howdid this happen oh my goodness American state woweverything's okay OH yeah of courseOh Buckeye State wow what am I gonna do what'sgoing on Rapunzel um Barbie i don't knowhow to inform you i do not shrewdness thishappened but it's higher if you look inthe mirror okay ah my hair is inexperienced howdid that happen why is my hair green Idon't know baby i use identical colorsthat I always use and first let me uptake out all the foils to create certain thatthis didn't happen altogether of your hairokay guys oh no it's altogether of

I wouldn't have myhair back affirmative many thanks you are welcomeyou're my friends and i won't let anyvillain return and mess with United States of America and Iwasn't joking next time I see her comingaround i will be able to freeze her I actually have freezingpowers and i am not longer afraid to U.S.ethem Wow well Rapunzel a minimum of my hairlooks better than everok Ariel i am going to see you later bye ok Elsait's your flip would you like a trim andyour haircut Ohio simply a blowout helloEvie welcome to your 1st day of workthank you so a lot of i am therefore happy to behere yesI'll offer you the tour here we've got allthe makeup and a blow-dryer and awonderful view of the oceanand here we've got paper foils for thehair dye blow-dryer hairspray Clipperscutters and a brush thanks thus muchBarbara everything just looks perfectthanks for the chance of belongings mework here i am glad you prefer a be yourfirst client ought to be here shortly okaygreathello Barbara Elsa how are you darlin you look fabulousthank you hi i'm Elsa OH hi i could bevery nice to satisfy youwould you prefer for us to do today I justwant you guys to try and do my roots you knowhow much I hate changeoh after all darling if it'll do itright away for you she is our new hairdresser within the salon please getcomfortable and take a seat your hair isjust gorgeous Elsa Thanks I take reallygood care of itEvie i will show you what color she usesfor her dyestuff okay i am going to stop wouldyou like anythingum no thanks i feel i'm smart okayEvie the collet that I additionally uses for herroots is from this orange bottle okayyes got it orange bottle would you alsolike a haircut no no just my rootsplease just my rootsokay okay Elsa's hair coloring was the pinkbottle good the hair dyes prepared there's gonna look so stunning Elsaokay all we have to try to to is cover yourhair and sit up for regarding 20 minutes andit should be prepared you're back in 20minutes to see on your hair okaythanksI'll meet my book currently i suppose 20 minuteslater oh sirare you prepared uh yeah whenever you'reready see however lovely they came outlet's see over here Buckeye State Angie whathappened Ohio nothing what happened to herhair how did this happenoh my goodness everything okayoh yeah your hair color is justbeautiful perfect Gibby are you okay yesof course baby what is going on on huh I canexplain look in the mirror ah Evie however did this happen all I wantedwas to get my roots done how did thishappenI'm unsure darling but it looksgorgeousyou look lovely with brown hair it'snot even even chocolate brown is that the newcolor of the season darling don't youknow

fire however your angular distanceir clad lovelytake a glance oh i like itcan you only straighten the front alittle bit oh of courseah currently it's excellentyou look stunning Barbie Buckeye State conveys forpencil i will see you in 2 weeksokay bye i'm a touch tired but I hour anglevean appointment with Ariel i think shewants a blowout and also a hour angleircutbetter organize everything before shegets hereoh there she is Rapunzel hey Ariel OH mygosh how square Maineasure you you look gorgeous andyour HAir is simply marvelousthank you you area unit taking such good care of myhair you're the best journeyman intown I just want a little trim yea youhave simply a few split ends however do not youworry Ariel i will be able to lookout of it foryou Thanks would you wish a magazinesure Rapunzel many thanks I just lovegetting my hair done Keigo tim-ki Rapunzel UN agencya there's ajuicy gossip in this magazine American state howinteresting it is the perfect opportunityto mess with Ariel and her beautifulhair ha ha hawhat was that uh in all probability nothing beneaththe sea under the seaAriel does one need to try a special hairmask or treatment I just need you towash my hair offer me a small trim andthat's it you recognize what proportion i really like mylong red hair am i able to give you some teaor thereforeme lowoh no no thanks i am fine i will beright backI would like a cup of coffeeoh the phone is ringing I hope is acustomer i need new appointment it's myopportunity simply a bit bit of thismagical sugar and Rapunzel will do as Isayhahaha Wow this coffee is actually reallygood huh okay i'm back let's wash yourhair first currently it's time to cut their hand Rapunzelcaught it all off caught it all cut cutcut cutoh this is too much fun Rapunzel what have you done to my hairoh this is often great ha ha habye-bye beautiful hairUrsula what are you are doinging here Ohio greenElsa um you know you can not come intothis kingdom Buckeye State i was just dropping byto see rapunzel salon but it's beautifulso now i'll be on my waybye-bye not so fast what have you donewhat did you are doing you're returning with me noI have ice powers and i'm not afraid touse them American state go together with meOh be careful with my tentacles but thenmy hair will grow back rightRapunzel's say something please Ariel i know WHO did this who Rapunzel'sunder a spell what did you do her SalahI just gave her some witching sugar soshe would do as I say that is all changeher back immediately OH what happenedAriel did I did that to you OH my I amso sorrynow provide Ariel her hair back in thisinstance her eyes powers can kill justabout unspecified octopus take seats ArielUrsula how could you do this to mewasn't it enough trying to require my voiceand now this Buckeye State my hairoh my certain is back my beautiful hairUrsula you are pure evil i am so sorryAriel Buckeye State it's not your fault RapunzelUrsula I don't want to see you aroundhere any longer you understand ah youprincesses have zero sense of humor hagoodbye Ursula thanks most Elsa ifit wasn't for you

your hairall of the highlights are green out ofall of the years of working as ahairdresser this never happened to meBarbie I don't know what went wrongyou know what Rapunzel after looking atit it's not so bad it really yeah it'skind of growing on meplus you always use a semi-permanentcolors so it'll wash out after a fewtimes right yeah it will start fadingvery soon really it's okayare you sure barbi I am so embarrassed Inever wanted this to happen I don't knowit's kind of a cool look it gives me anedgy look I think I'm gonna keep it Iwouldn't normally choose green hair butwhy not you only live once wait whatthat's not supposed to happenshe's supposed to freak out and hate herhair it actually doesn't even look badon her oh this is now how it's supposedto go but just wait so she goes outsideand everybody sees her with green hairit doesn't really matter how your hairlooks like if you'll feel confidentinside that will shine through huh oMGis that Barbie her hair looks fabulousI want that hair color it's the newtrend educates if you guys like my hairjust go see rapunzel she's the besthairdresser in town bye unbelievableBarbie can start any new trend now Ihave a line of customers waiting to havegreen highlights like Barbie next inline oh it's me I can't wait to havethose green highlights I wouldn't lookjust like Barbie please are you guysserious her hair is green green how isthat a thing now oh I can't believe thismy plant is completely failed and justwhen I thought I got away with it Iguess good always beats evil right ohand she wasn't even mad at a Rapunzel Iwould have totally fired her okay Ican't handle all this dress I need to goto the spa I am so out of here Oh

I miss your eyes pop i do not needthis color i wish my blonde hair backeverybody knows Pine Tree State from my hair to bewhite as snow do one thing do one thingnow it's okay darling all we've got to try to tois bleach your hair one or twenty fivemore times to induce it to the color youhad before what no i don't want that Iwant my hair back baby i do not know whathappened else I swear i exploit the colorthat Barbara told American state to use on your hairI do not know what's going on but youneed to repair it and right currentlyElsa please offer Maine a couple of minutes okayBarbara you higher do thereforeme things ascrazy mal must help American stateshe changed Lonnie's hair and Jane'shair she should do thereforemething oh pleasemal please answer therefore she's my favoriteyeah mine too hi no what are youdoing nothing ingestion therefore she would Benwhat's up currently you've got to assist Pine Tree Statewhat's up memory told you nowadays Istarted my new job in the hair salonyeah however's it going mal is goinghorrible horrifying horrifying I had myfirst customeryou will not even guess WHO it absolutely was OH QueenElsa Wow cool no no I did one thinghorrible I colored her hair brown myaccidents i do not acumen it happenedbut she doesn't want it she hates amendmentand i don't know what to do what can Ido you've got to do one thing now do youremember when you change Lonnie's hairand Jane's hair yea in fact well youhave to facilitate me please look in yourspell book there needs to be somethingthat will help me something that changesher hair colour back there has got to besomething my reputation are going to be ruinedmal I will not ever be able to add anysalon everplease help me i'm gonna go look at myspell book and i will provide you with a call backthanks OH Evie what bother have yougotten yourself intoI'm so sorry Elsa I promise i am gonnafix it for you I promiseI perceive Evie everybody makesmistakes ah give impartssI promise i will fix it let's examine here itis we simply have to wait a few minutesand we are going to see the change okay okaybeware recant replace the new with theold golden hair okaylet's see how your hair end up okaylet's see American state goodnessall right Ohio goodness oh goodness goodher hair's back ah look Elsa look in themirror look here it all back Ohwonderful this looks nice Evie thankyou it's back to traditional just like youcame in barely like you needed it do youwant me to style it for you withoutmaking any mistakes I promise okay yoube I trust you OH I virtually fainted wellI am a little dizzy for Mother'semotions let's style your hair it'sgonna look just stunning huh excellent do you like itoh wow Eevee thanks i like the newhairstyle it's quite like yours OhElsa thank goodness you look gorgeousand your roots they're simply the perfectcolor like you needed just thinking I'mpretty excited thanks B no thank youI'm so sorry all the mistakes don'tworry avy I have no idea how you fixthat black

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